• Skinny Legs & Other Attractions

    Reading Time: 16 minutes Reading ModeAdventures and Musings on the nether end of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands Taken from the travel journals of Howard Dinin, circa 2003-2005 Skinny Legs is a bar and grill at the Coral Bay, the eastward or windward, end of St. John, USVI. It is a real place, though it has all the earmarks of a fiction, a made-up […]

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  • Patriotic Flamingos

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Reading Mode a very short story The fading sun on a warm New Hampshire summer day, a man confronts the lay of the land and the condition in which his life lies Herm whizzed the weed whacker closer and closer to the edge of the ridge at the front of the lawn. It was the piece that jutted out beyond […]

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  • The Homeless of Provence : Summer 2004

    Reading Time: 15 minutes Reading Mode The following story written originally as a journalistic first-person account of the state of the social order in rural France 12 years ago is, naturally, in the present tense and conditions described concurrent with the time. There are hints, here and there, though with no pretense to prescience—I could only report on what I myself observed, buttressed by […]

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Shorts & Briefs | 27 May 2016.2

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Had I stuck to my original plans for college and med school, I would have nearly been the Doogie Houser of my generation. But it appears this man is of his—turns out he’s 33… I was surprised to see he has an MD (my defective expectations—hence possibly a sign that I am losing my ability to discriminate important social cues), as I was going to say merely that people who look like the older children I’ve taught in college for 40 years now always seem to have the title “Senior Editor” for mainstream publications. Just sayin’

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