“Our democracy is not working as it should”

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That seems like clear understatement, and just two short months ago, when the guy who said it joined the Campaign Legal Center it was less so. Today it’s much more so, if I’m allowed the tautology.

But to fight the good fight, we must understand it’s a war, not a skirmish, or even, as yet, a battle. That’s coming, as the overall conflict continues. An important aspect of the strategy for recovering from a major derailment of progressive objectives and the preservation of true citizen-oriented reform is the initiative to effect gerrymandering reform on battlefronts all over the country.

The man being quoted, Paul M. Smith, is a veteran of over 30 years as a litigator whose primary effort has been arguing cases affecting the state of democracy in the United States before the SJC. His efforts will be instrumental in helping reshape the map of representation of the people in Congress.

See the fuller story of his appointment in January here:

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