No Good Can Come of This—Newstead of State to Facebook

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So, the deathstar gets Jennifer Newstead as wily mouthpiece:
Newstead—from the Patriot Act to Zuckerberg’s Counsel

This is where I dip into my highly conserved store of exclamations rarely used.


I see in this move, probably objectively a brilliant one by Facebook, though they’ll need a public relations genius of equal caliber to add to their roster, trouble for our side (there’s a certain safety in saying that), the good guys side—whoever is left in the cadre of her former professional colleagues, the lifers, at State, and elsewhere in the Executive. Newstead can’t make Zuckerberg et alia look like anything but what they are, a den of septic weasels. But she’ll sure make it hard for Congress and the courts to curtail the weasel ways of the Face-that-launches-a-billion-daily-shits, never mind to try to put in place oversight strictures to protect an individual’s data from being exploited.

Jennifer Gillian Newstead, official portrait. Public domain, U.S. State Department.

With a pedigree like hers, and a cannily preserved life-long profile of leaving no tracks, done (or not done, forensically speaking) conceivably even better than her tight (meant in so many ways) former colleague in the office of the President’s consigliere for George W. Bush, none other than Brett Kavanaugh, I see a future SJC of the USofA nominee sometime in the tenure of a future GOP president.


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