the inaugural issue is coming


The first issue of bertha magazine, after intense preparation, will soon be finished and ready to consume. Most likely in May, on select newsstands and in select bookstores, but mainly by subscription. It’s a savory blend of prose, fiction and non-, poetry, and art in a variety of forms, some very sweet to behold, some salty, some bitter, to delight all tastes.

This site is the online presence of bertha and will feature unique content to supplement and enhance the print version, which will see a new issue quarterly. Online, content will be more timely, more topical, and will be refreshed much more frequently.

Also here will be images and materials not suitable for a print publication that appears only four times a year, such as reviews of newly released (or forthcoming) books, movies, and other cultural events.

Watch for us!

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Interior Skinny's

Skinny Legs & Other Attractions

Adventures and Musings on the nether end of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands Taken from the travel journals of Howard Dinin, circa 2003-2005 Skinny Legs is a bar and grill at the Coral Bay, the eastward or windward, end of St. John, USVI. It is a real place, though it has all the earmarks of a fiction, a made-up place […]

The Homeless of Provence : Summer 2004

The following story written originally as a journalistic first-person account of the state of the social order in rural France 12 years ago is, naturally, in the present tense and conditions described concurrent with the time. There are hints, here and there, though with no pretense to prescience—I could only report on what I myself observed, buttressed by readily available […]

patriotic flamingos

Patriotic Flamingos

a very short story The fading sun on a warm New Hampshire summer day, a man confronts the lay of the land and the condition in which his life lies Herm whizzed the weed whacker closer and closer to the edge of the ridge at the front of the lawn. It was the piece that jutted out beyond the croquet […]

William Morris embroidery

Bernie the Cuckoo Woodpecker

Bernie Sanders, if metaphors must be sought, is an amalagam of two colorful, yet successful, species of birds—neither very good as game for humans, but ingenious at perpetuating their kind. The one, the woodpecker, through dogged unstinting persistence in seeking sustenance bug by bug (or, if you like, vote by vote). And the other, the cuckoo, by the audacious strategy […]